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Fireworks To Be Followed By A Launch

After celebrating a wonderful Fourth of July we continue beta testing and adding new candidates to the platform. If you are interested in participating in the beta testing as a candidate or voter contact us at for details.

Our current projection is a soft launch early August with a full Nationwide launch in September. We are very excited as there have been apps like the Trump app released recently, validating the desire for this type of information by you, the American citizens.

That is why America's Ticket is FOCUSED ON OPPORTUNITY & CHOICE, not individual candidates, elections, agendas or political parties.

The TRANSFORMING OF AMERICA everyone seems to be saying America needs is at the leadership levels and that BEGINS WITH PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL by providing access, opportunity and choice.  Go to our website now America's Ticket and stay connected with updates and links to download the app.

You're support is appreciated and can be done in two ways:

1. Donate to our Mission on our website.

Every Dollar goes towards providing more opportunities for every citizen to get involved in our communities and country, and to keep voters better informed without the cloud of negative campaigning, bias and disinformation.

2. SHARE America's Ticket on Your Social Media

It is all about AWARENESS! The more the message gets out there is a real option to create change that works for voters and candidates alike, the faster we, together, create a better America, for the people, by the people.

Thank you for supporting America's Ticket. Together we truly Stand Connected!

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